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The design console is the practical and refined piece of furniture par excellence that will set the tone for your decoration. She will be enough on her own
to revitalize your interior, will make itself very useful for storing your daily essentials and will add
a nice storage space to organize your home while taking up minimal space. At Pôdevache , the designer console
is available in several patterns and colors to harmonize perfectly with each of your atmospheres.


A decorative object in its own right, the designer console table is THE essential multifunction piece of furniture to subtly arrange your interior.
Perched on its feet and shallow, it will find its place in every corner of your home!
Practical in the entrance, you can deposit your keys, your mail, your change... while highlighting
a plant or some of your favorite decorative objects. In the bedroom, install a large mirror on it
and use it as a dressing table! In the living room, you can exhibit your vacation photos, family photos or your most beautiful art books...


With its clean, modern lines, the wood and metal console from Pôdevache is ideal for adding a touch of design to your home.
Its black metal structure emphasizes its minimalist and contemporary look, while its varnished wooden top
in many patterns reveals a refined and authentic atmosphere at the same time. Our design console will elegantly marry all living spaces
whether they are vintage, industrial or bohemian inspired and will bring the decorative touch you need.
It's up to you to choose the console table that best suits your desires and your decor!