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Looking for furniture that will combine both conviviality and style? Do not search anymore ! The dining table will be the element of both
functional and decorative that will sublimate your interior and attract all eyes! Find among our collection of designer dining tables
the future centerpiece of your kitchen, living room or dining room. Can accommodate 8 to 10 people depending on the model,
it alone will create a chic and warm space!


Create unique memories with designer dining tables from Pôdevache ! The dining table is above all
a place of sharing. Central element of our homes, we gather there with family or friends, around a good meal,
a board game, simply to discuss or work! With clean lines and a large rectangular top
which can allow you to receive up to 10 people, our design dining table will fit easily
in any type of interior decoration.


Opt for a dining table that will be in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of your room. The sobriety of its design combined with character
well steeped in different patterns, will appeal to both lovers of contemporary and industrial style as well as followers
with a classic or ethnic atmosphere. Its black metal legs give it stability and solidity and its large varnished wooden top
gives it a lot of personality and elegance.


To create the "wow" effect so sought after by decorating enthusiasts, don't forget to combine your dining table with beautiful chairs.
different inspirations (vintage, industrial, design, etc.) to refine the style of your interior. And to go even further,
dress it up with our table linen collection and its multiple prints for an even more daring and sharp look!