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Surprise your guests with our models of vinyl placemats! From the rectangular version (33x45 cm) for the wisest, to zebra and botanical specimens (38X48 cm) for the wildest... Not forgetting our iconic ones, straight from Africa! And why not divert their use by exposing them to the wall like a work of art?


Want to bring a touch of exoticism to your decoration?
For our Distant Inspirations collection, we have decided to pay tribute to Africa and its wonders. Between warm colors, ethnic patterns and geometric shapes, African decoration will energize your interior by creating a chic and warm atmosphere.

PVC printed and cut. Thickness 2.4mm.
Anti-UV matt protective varnish with high flexibility, guaranteed for 1 year.
External resistance.
REACH standard and toys, fire classification, 100% recycled, 0% phthalate.
Excellent flatness and good dimensional stability.

Use a magic sponge.

This product will be shipped within 2-8 days open.