Instructions for use of masks


Pretty fabric protective masks to protect yourself with originality!

The protective mask has become an essential, a real fashion accessory with which we must compose to dress and go out every day!

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It is also the guarantee of a French creator and manufacturer

Our masks are certified by the DGA - UNS1 (individual mask for use by professionals and individuals in contact with the public)

  • Filtration efficiency of 3μm particles >90%
  • Filtration efficiency of 1μm particles >90%
  • Air permeability for a depression of 100 Pa> 96 L.m².s-1


Hold 240g/m2 - 2 coats

Thickness 0.49mm - Matte finish - 5.8% stretch.


  • Wear this mask when you are in contact with people other than those you live with.
  • Always check that the mask fits properly and covers your mouth and nose.
  • Warning: if you are sick, this mask is not suitable. Ask for your doctor's opinion.
  • This mask is not intended for nursing staff.

This mask does not replace barrier gestures (regular hand washing, physical distancing, reduction of contact with other people). It adds a physical barrier, to be used especially when you are in close contact with other people.


Before putting it on:

  1. Before touching the mask, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydro-alcoholic solution.
  2. Inspect the mask and make sure there are no holes, tears or damage.
  3. It is recommended to wear the mask on bare skin, avoiding contact with the hair.
  4. Never modify the mask in any way.

To put it:

  1. Hold the mask by the elastic straps.
  2. Place it at your mouth level.
  3. Pass the elastic straps behind the ears.
  4. Adjust the mask to cover the nose, mouth and chin

When you wear it:

  1. Avoid touching and moving it.
  2. Never put it in the waiting position on the forehead or on the chin.

You have to change the mask:

  1. When you wore the mask 4h.
  2. When you want to drink or eat.
  3. When it becomes difficult to breathe.
  4. If the mask gets wet.
  5. If the mask is damaged.
  6. If the mask is deformed and no longer fits properly against your face.

To remove it:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water or hydro-alcoholic solution.
  2. Unhook the elastic straps to peel the mask off your face.
  3. While waiting to wash it, isolate it in a plastic bag.
  4. If the mask is deformed or worn, dispose of it immediately in a trash can that closes.
  5. To finish: wash your hands again with soap and water or hydro-alcoholic solution.


Before opening:

  • Store the mask in its original protective packaging, in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Store it in a maximum humidity of 75% and at a temperature between -2°C and + 55°C in order to preserve all its characteristics.

For washing:

  • Machine wash the mask with detergent. Choose a washing program that includes at least 30 min at 60°C minimum. You can put it in the washing machine with your laundry.
  • After touching the mask, wash your hands with soap and water or hydroalcoholic solution.
  • This mask has been tested for 50 washes. After 50 washes, the filtration of the mask is no longer guaranteed.
  • When the machine is finished, take out the mask and put it back in shape.


  • This mask has demonstrated a filtration efficiency greater than 90% for particles of 3 microns emitted by the person wearing the mask.

The breathability of the mask has been measured at > 96 Lm-2.s-1 and must allow it to be worn for a period of 4 hours.


Despite all the care taken in the manufacture of these masks, it is up to the user alone, and in no case to the manufacturer or the supplier, to ensure the suitability of the mask with the characteristics of the environment of use. The recommendations and methods of use described above should be scrupulously followed.

The masks can be washed 50 times, so each mask can be used 51 times.