Do you want to protect your furniture from the little hazards of everyday life but you do not want to put your style aside?
Treat yourself to a touch of design with vinyl coasters from Pôdevache !
With their trendy and offbeat look that doesn't skimp on quality, it's obvious that you're going to love it!

A coaster is a decorative object!

Real decorative objects, Pôdevache's vinyl coasters will catch your eye!
With their ultra-trendy and elegant design, combine them easily with the rest of your decoration.
With multiple shapes and prints as rich as they are varied, they will bring relief and dynamism to your dressage.
Round, square, and even stylized animal skin; with mineral, vegetal and sometimes animal inspirations;
Adorned with warm colors or decorated with colorful patterns, these small refined accessories will invite themselves to your table

and are sure to get noticed by your guests!

Protect your furniture in style

Dispatched on the coffee table in the living room or on the counter of your bar, on the occasion of an improvised aperitif
or a well organized party, our vinyl coasters will make the difference and participate in the creation
an atmosphere conducive to relaxing in a sophisticated way! No more spilled glasses,
they will provide your dishes with great stability. Goodbye to the eternal traces of coffee cups encrusted on your furniture
because with coasters , your furniture will be protected! Easy to clean and ultra resistant,
a quick magic sponge and they will be like new!

The tabling, to please while having fun

You don't know the table yet? This is THE new lifestyle trend which consists in bringing your personal touch to tableware,
in other words, the art of receiving well. Show your personality and don't be afraid to try new things,
like the total look for example! Combine your coasters with our matching placemats and table runners for a 100% Pôdevache decoration!