Who said pet accessories had to be ordinary? Because your four-legged friends
are an integral part of your home, they also deserve the best, especially when it comes to their diet!
Delineate a dining area, protect your floor and bring a stylish touch, here is the winning trio offered
by the vinyl bowl mat from Pôdevache !

The bowl mat, an accessory in keeping with your interior

When you are a decoration lover, you like to go to the end of things! So why not harmonize the comfort of your animals
to your vinyl rug ? With fun and stylish prints and pop and refined colors,
the printed vinyl bowl mats from Pôdevache will be the new " it-carpet " in animal decoration!
And since we know how much you are a fan of your beloved furball, we even created a carpet that you can personalize!
Text, colors and patterns, be creative and spoil him by offering him an essential and trendy accessory that will be adorned with his cute little name!

Why choose a dog bowl mat?

As a real protective barrier, the bowl mat avoids projections and reversals of situation!
Non-slip, it provides ideal stability when eating your hairy friend. Food and water will no longer stain your floor,
thus guaranteeing a corner of restoration always healthy for your faithful companion. But it's also because they are made with strong materials
that you will appreciate them because they have an almost unlimited lifespan! Easily washable, this accessory can be cleaned in the blink of an eye.
A magic sponge stroke, and it will regain all its aesthetics!

What shapes of dog bowl mats are available?

You will have the choice among many designs: in the shape of bones, fish, cat, legs or even rectangular available in different colors. Our bowl mats are also customizable.

How do you clean a vinyl dog bowl mat?

To clean your pet's bowl mat, simply use a sponge!