Practical for setting the table without risking dirtying the table or the tablecloth, the placemats are also decorative accessories in their own right!
To receive your guests or for a head to head in peace, the Pôdevache vinyl placemat is the new trendy accessory
that you are going to want to get urgently!

Original rectangular placemats to dress your table in style

If you always imagined it a bit corny, think again. table set is the new must-have for table decoration
which will dress your furniture with style and originality! And if its practicality is more than obvious, it is of course the decorative touch that it will bring
who will thrill you. Round, rectangular or with graphic shapes, dare to mismatch them! Feel free to mix styles and
prints to achieve the much sought-after “wow” effect! With bold patterns with multiple inspirations, all styles are in the spotlight
so that you are always right on trend. And why not match your placemats to the rest of your home decor?
Through all its collections, from essential furniture to stylish accessories, Pôdevache dresses you from floor to ceiling!

A practical accessory that will make your daily life easier

You have understood how much the table set was aesthetic? But we still remind you that you can't miss its very practical aspect! No more tablecloths to iron, fold, unfold, shake... adapt the number of sets to that of the people seated and voila! Plus, they're so easy to maintain! For the little ones who are learning to fend for themselves as for the sometimes clumsy adults, a wipe with the sponge and say goodbye to tasks!

Discover other shapes of placemats

Pôdevache offers a wide range of vinyl placemats: round, rectangular or shaped, there is something for everyone!