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Satin throws: softness and refinement for enveloping moments of relaxation

Wrap yourself warm with our mink-lined satin throw , the accessory that offers you an unrivaled feeling of comfort.

Our throw is made from a sumptuous high quality satin fabric, offering a silky texture and delicate to the touch. Its glossy appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your space, reflecting light in a subtle and captivating way. The mink lining, of incomparable softness, adds a feeling of comfort and enveloping warmth to every moment spent under this blanket.

The combination of satin and mink offers the ultimate comfort experience. Satin is known for its softness and flow, while mink provides additional warmth and comfort. Together, they create a blanket that surrounds you with a delicate caress, allowing you to relax and escape into a cocoon of softness.

Whether you want a timeless look with neutral tones or a touch of glamor with sophisticated patterns, this throw brings a refined note to your space.

In addition to its aesthetics, our throw is made with great attention to detail and quality. The careful workmanship and precise stitching guarantee its durability and resistance to wear, allowing you to enjoy its warmth for many years.

Whether for relaxing moments on the sofa, cocooning evenings or simply to add a touch of sophistication to your interior, this throw surrounds you with incomparable luxury and comfort!



The “Explore” style gives your interior a chic and exotic look at the same time, focusing on sobriety and naturalness with an undeniable advantage: it warms up any interior, bringing warmth and personality.  This theme will offer you the freedom to travel from your home by diversifying materials, shapes, textiles and colors! Colors are inspired by nature with earthy and sunny hues

Satin print

Lined with mink effect faux fur

Washable at 30° - Moderate program

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