Retro Terracotta personalized scented candle - Biscuit / Milk chocolate / Coffee


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Retro Terracotta personalized scented candle - Biscuit / Milk chocolate / Coffee


A customizable velvet candle

Need a little heat to warm up your interior? To create a festive and cocooning atmosphere, nothing better than lighting a few scented candles and letting them reveal themselves. Generous in size and fragrance, Pôdevache velvet candles will always find their place! With a soft and warm light, conviviality and intimacy will always be there. Thanks to the Pôdevache candle , perfume your interior with delicate scents and bring a touch of authenticity and emotion to the decoration of your home. Iconic with their sleek look, our scented candles can be personalized!

Discover our SOFT BLUSH scent:

Top note: chocolate, milk jam, sandalwood
Heart note: coffee, heliotrope, liquorice
Base note: cocoa, patchouli, cedar

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Personalized products cannot be taken back or exchanged.


My personalized decoration

Want a unique piece that looks like you?

They marked you by their atmosphere, their beauty or simply by the memories they left behind... We all have a special relationship with certain cities. Our My Personalized Decor collection is a great alternative to traditional holiday memories and a nice nod to the city of your heart. Bring the final touch to your interior with our ultra trendy decorative objects to personalize!

A 100% customizable decoration

Carpets, placemats, candles... Let all your desires and your love of style speak with our customization option! Pôdevache offers you a selection of products to personalize that will adapt to all your emotions and your style of decoration. Whether you want to make a gift or offer yourself a new decorative element, in a few clicks you will have your unique piece! Choose the message to associate with our different design and refined patterns, on soberly colored backgrounds for a guaranteed modern and timeless result! Initials, a first name, a private joke, a statement? Everything is possible with the tailor-made message made available to you!

A scented candle 100% made in France

Untreated lead-free pure cotton wick, unique and refined white glass container. Blend of mineral and vegetable waxes: 95% paraffin and 5% vegetable waxes (developed especially for our brand) contains 10% perfume.

Burn time:
Format M - H12cm, 400 grams, 3 wicks: 60 hours minimum
Format L - H15.5cm, 1kg, 4 strands: 100 hours minimum

Before lighting your candle and before each use:
Cut the wicks to a recommended height of about 0.6cm. They must not exceed 1cm.

During burning:
it is important when burning not to extinguish the candle before the entire surface liquefies. It is advisable not to burn the candle for more than 4 hours.
Also be careful not to burn the last centimeter of wax.

After burning:
Before the wax solidifies, reposition the wicks in the center if necessary and clean the inside of the glass with an alcohol-free product to avoid the appearance of soot.

Spark plug maintenance:
Store candles in a cool, dry place, preferably flat to keep wax flat.
Dust, fingerprints and any dirt on your candle can be removed by gently rubbing the surface with a soft, damp cloth.
To remove more stubborn stains (wax, etc.), run hot water over the surface to soften the wax and scrape off the excess.
Also be careful not to leave your candle burning unattended and not to expose it to heat sources or drafts. Exposure to drafts will cause a flickering flame and black smoke.

This product will be shipped within 2-8 days.

Personalized products cannot be taken back or exchanged .