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A faux fur hot water bottle for extreme softness

Immerse yourself in cozy comfort with this faux fur hot water bottle, a perfect combination of warmth and elegance. Designed to bring a touch of softness to your well-being, this hot water bottle is wrapped in soft faux fur which perfectly imitates the appearance of real fur, without harming the animals.

Its faux fur exterior feels great to the touch, inviting you to snuggle up against it for warmth and relaxation on cold days and wintry nights.

The faux fur hot water bottle is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. It is equipped with a high quality 100% natural rubber inner hot water bottle, allowing you to fill the hot water bottle with hot water to warm up quickly and comfortably.

Its waterproof and durable interior guarantees safe, leak-free use, while its faux fur cover closes securely to keep the hot water bottle in place.

Enjoy enveloping comfort and refined elegance with this faux fur hot water bottle, which will accompany you in style throughout the winter. A perfect combination of well-being and aesthetics, it will quickly become an essential accessory for your moments of relaxation and comfort.

Interior: 100% natural rubber

Exterior: 100% polyester

Step 1: Before filling the hot water bottle, place the cover on the hot water bottle. Heat water in a kettle or saucepan and let it cool. To avoid the risk of burns, the recommended temperature for the water to fill the hot water bottle is 50°C maximum, or even 40°C for children. Do not pour boiling water into the hot water bottle.

Step 2: To protect yourself from splashes when filling the hot water bottle, we advise you to wear rubber household gloves. When filling, hold the hot water bottle by the neck in a vertical position, away from your body and slowly fill it 2/3 full of water over a sink. If the water is too hot, add cold tap water.

Step 3: Carefully place the hot water bottle on a flat surface until water becomes visible through the hole in order to force the air out of the filled hot water bottle and maintain low pressure inside.

Step 4: Screw on the cap and make sure there are no water leaks. Do not screw the cap on too tightly. Carefully dispose of any water remaining in the fill sleeve. Slowly place the hot water bottle upside down over the sink and gently press it to check that the cap is tightly closed.

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