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Dare to look plant-based with this vinyl placemat

Do you dream of escape? With our range of objects dedicated to the art of the table displaying lush vegetation and wildlife, you will have something to be delighted with! Easy to maintain, these vinyl placemats 33x45 cm, table runners (33x150 cm) and coasters (10x10 cm) are easy to clean: they are not afraid of stains or water and are equally suitable for use inside and out!


Plant Nature

A decoration with a vegetal look to make your interior travel

Lush vegetation, shimmering colors and colorful prints, welcome to the fantastic world of Nature Végétale, where palm trees, banana trees, jaguars and parrots intertwine in shades of green and natural colours.
In total look for an assumed trend or in small touches for more sobriety, give your decoration a holiday air thanks to our new collection which exudes escape!

Warm colors throughout the house

From velvet cushions to comforters or rugs to vinyl placemats, our patterns will warm up the atmosphere and give your interior an air of elsewhere. Have fun mixing the prints for an even more chic and decorative look!

A vinyl placemat 100% made in France

PVC printed and cut. Thickness 2.4mm. Anti-UV matt protective varnish with high flexibility, guaranteed for 1 year. External resistance. REACH standard and toys, fire classification, 100% recyclable, 0% phthalate. Excellent flatness and good dimensional stability. Sound insulation. Increased resistance against abrasion.

Use a magic sponge.

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