Cheerokee Pink Vinyl Rug - Kids


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Thanks to our Cheerokee rug, children also have the right to a decoration worthy of the name!
Let yourself be seduced by our vinyl carpets, functional and practical which have the advantage of going anywhere indoors and outdoors!
We can't resist this bear skin-shaped rug straight out of the vast American plains. But rest assured, we are for the preservation of animals, no cubs were sacrificed for the occasion!
You will appreciate its resistance (anti-UV varnish) and its ease of maintenance!

Carpet also available in brown.

PVC printed and cut. Thickness 2.4mm.
Anti-UV matt protective varnish with high flexibility, guaranteed for 1 year.
External resistance.
REACH standard and toys, fire classification, 100% recyclable , 0 % phthalate.
Excellent flatness and good dimensional stability. Sound insulation. Increased resistance against abrasion.

Use a magic sponge.

This product will be shipped within 2-8 days open.