Banza vinyl rug


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The vinyl rug, the must-have for an original and stylish decor

Energize your cocoon, structure your space and breathe an amazing atmosphere with our vinyl rug ! An essential accessory to personalize your interior or exterior, the vinyl rug from the Earth Craft collection comes in many models, shapes and sizes. Graphic patterns, geometric silhouettes, ethnic chic look, bestial or vegetal trend, we want them all!

Resistant and easy to maintain, the vinyl rug is the decorative touch that is both trendy and functional. No need to shake it, a simple mop is enough to clean it!



A chic ethnic decoration that adapts to your desires

Embark for distant destinations and bring your spirit to the colors of Africa. A real Ali Baba's cave awaits you! Ethnic patterns combine with sand tones to make our interior travel. Pack your bags, the journey begins now!

Warm colors throughout the house

From velvet cushions to comforters or rugs to vinyl placemats, our ethnic motifs will warm up the atmosphere and give your interior an air of elsewhere. Have fun mixing the prints for an even more chic and decorative look!

A vinyl rug 100% made in France

PVC printed and cut. Thickness 2.4mm. Anti-UV matt protective varnish with high flexibility. External resistance. REACH standard and toys, fire classification, 100% recyclable, 0% phthalate. Excellent flatness and good dimensional stability. Sound insulation. Increased resistance against abrasion. Compatibility of our mats with underfloor heating. Roll it upside down and lay the mat on the floor, voila!

Use a magic sponge, it's fantastic!

This product will be shipped within 2-8 days.