Decorative accessory in its own right that we expose according to our desires, difficult to miss the candle .
There's nothing like warming up the atmosphere in your home than escaping to the sweet scent of scented candles .
Sober, colorful or original, the decorative candles of Pôdevache will certainly find their place whatever
the style of decoration you want to sublimate!

The design candle, the accessory that illuminates your interior

Ideal by day to appreciate its aesthetics, as by night to take advantage of its intoxicating power, the decorative candle
will find a place of choice in your interior! Alone to catch the eye or in accumulation to create a striking ensemble,
consider placing your candles in different places to elegantly highlight your furniture and decoration.
Have fun with the different sizes and play with the materials! With its interchangeable cover and multiple patterns ,
the Pôdevache decorative candle can be transformed according to your desires! What better way to bring extra style and trend to your cocoon?

Fill up on inspiration with the scented candle

Subtly combining light and perfume, the scented candle will undoubtedly be the little extra essential that will refine your decoration,
the final touch that will warm your interior while delicately perfuming it. Fancy the cozy atmosphere
woody and amber scents? The sensuality of sweet and vanilla notes? Pep of spicy and tangy aromas?
Create your olfactory signature with our 11 exclusive fragrances and choose the fragrance that will make you want to escape.
And to accentuate this cocooning and relaxing effect, don't forget our velvet decorative accessories !
Arrange heaps of cushions on your sofa, wrap yourself in one of our velvety throws, and great comfort is guaranteed!