The sofa is THE star of furniture and therefore all eyes are on it. So when we think of the sofa of our dreams,
we imagine it stylish and of course ultra comfortable. Dream no more! Give your decoration a boost with the large
Pôdevache velvet sofa! Find all the variations of prints and colors available
and choose the model that will make you THE star of the decor!


At the center of all attention, the sofa can alone create the atmosphere of your interior and give it all its scope.
With its minimalist design and sober lines, our velvet sofa is undoubtedly a safe bet in the field of decoration.
The generous dimensions of its seat can accommodate up to 4 people! Thanks to him, share moments of conviviality
with all your family, friends...


A true invitation to idleness with its all-velvet upholstery, you won't be able to resist the urge to settle in.
To rest, read a book or chill in front of your favorite series, relax in a cocoon of softness.
But who says comfortable does not mean ordinary! With our multiple patterns with inspirations from here and elsewhere,
don't miss out on your personality! Rock, bohemian, ethnic or graphic, Pôdevache has pulled out all the stops with prints
to offer you a super sophisticated velvet sofa !


Install your velvet sofa according to the lighting of the room in order to play as much as possible on the reflections of the material.
Do not hesitate to place several cushions and throws there for even more comfort and relief! And if you are a fan of the total look,
Combine it with our curtains or our other seats for an exceptionally sharp interior!