On a console, a coffee table, a desk or near your bed, the Pôdevache table lamp will warm up the atmosphere of your interior.
As useful as it is decorative, this small accent light will find its place in your home thanks to all its variations of patterns and colours.

A functional lamp that fits everywhere and with everything

As a real decorative object, the table lamp can transform the atmosphere of your space and perfect the style of your interior.
Easy to move, it can travel through all the rooms to have light where you want it.
Placed on a console, it will subtly enhance your entrance. On a desk, it will let you work in a studious environment
and comfortable for your eyes. Near an armchair, or as a bedside lamp, it will gently diffuse a warm light
which will immerse you in a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Elegance and originality for your future table lamp

With its sober design, our table lamp sports a lampshade with clean lines proudly placed on an elegant natural fiber foot.
And as it will be one of the key elements of your decoration, we offer you a multitude of choices of patterns that will enhance your furniture.
The warm tones with ethnic inspirations will reinforce the cozy and cozy atmosphere that you want to give to your interior,
while the curves and graphic prints will highlight your artistic spirit. Do not resist the temptation to install several!
Because with a nice play of shadows and light projected on your wall, your table lamps will attract all eyes!
Exclusivity France.