Nothing beats a decoration with an original and refined style to make your interior the trendiest!
Highlight your personality with the new range of framed pictures from Pôdevache !
Eclectic, original and trendy, these designer frames are sure to create the hype atmosphere you are looking for!

Revamp your walls with framed pictures

The aesthetics and usefulness of framed pictures are well established. Indispensable in any decor that respects itself,
they can be displayed everywhere. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom… each room deserves its wall decoration .
But have you thought about lining them up in the hallway or hanging them staggered on your stairs?
In order to magnify these spaces where the decoration is often put aside, Pôdevache gives you a good idea!
Do you want to draw attention to an iconic piece of your furniture? Surround it with multiple frames or
choose your masterpiece and give your console or sofa a breathtaking aura!

Proudly display your personality in your interior

Let your creativity express itself and dress your entire wall with our framed pictures !
Cheerfully mix styles, colors and sizes, add a hanging mirror here,
plants hung there... like a cabinet of curiosities, this composition will reflect an original decoration
and 100% in your image! With our three frame colours, you have the choice of uniformity or diversity.
Coordinated, these frames will have the advantage of bringing a harmonious touch to your decor. Mismatched,
they will offer depth and warmth to your interior.

The extra decorative tip

Are you the type to change your mind like a shirt when it comes to decoration? To exhibit your frames
without asking yourself any questions, consider arranging them on a shelf. Align your framed pictures of sizes
and different looks on a thin stick, and you can change patterns and layout according to your mood!