Are you still wondering how to illuminate your interior in an ultra-trendy way? Have no more doubts!
The decorative raffia candles from Pôdevache will be your best allies to perfect your decor!
Stimulate your senses with our 11 exclusive fragrances specially created to make you capsize
and dive for a minimum of 60 hours in a cozy and cozy atmosphere.

Declare your flame to your interior

With decorative candles , subtly create a bright and warm atmosphere in your home.
By diffusing a subdued light, they soothe and comfort. Key elements of the decoration, they flood the space
of their glow to elegantly dress our interior. Easy to place and move, they can be found in every corner.
On a table to suggest a romantic dinner, near a bathtub to enjoy a relaxing bath
and even on a chest of drawers or a bedside table to warm up in complete privacy.

A home fragrance like a holiday memory

The simplicity of the lines of its unique and refined glass container offers a modern and authentic design to this set of scented candles .
And if you like natural materials, you will simply melt for this new collection! Both chic and relaxed,
raffia adapts to all styles! Like a holiday memory, we fall for its exotic elegance that invites you to travel and relax.
With a hand-woven dress in Madagascar and a mixture of waxes made exclusively and traditionally in Drôme,
the decorative raffia candle from Pôdevache is a modern ode to craftsmanship.