Paintings for your walls: a wall decoration in your image

No longer have the anxiety of the empty wall! Transform your interior into a real art gallery by displaying one or more of our framed canvases. To personalize your space and bring a sacred touch of originality, Pôdevache offers you a wide selection of design paintings in formats, graphics and colors as rich as they are varied.

What size should you choose for your paintings?

Let your imagination be free ! With a multitude of formats, themes and styles inspired by the most beautiful trends of the moment, our collection of framed canvases will adorn any room in your home. They will find their place in the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room whether they are displayed alone or in accumulation. 
If you have a small section of wall, opt for a size 50x70 cm or 65x92.5 cm so as not to suffocate your room. On the other hand, if you have a large wall, we recommend a canvas of size 80x120 cm or 100x140 cm. And thanks to the wide variety of designs and sizes available, why not opt ​​for an accumulation of several tables? Hanging on the wall, placed on a piece of furniture or on the floor, have fun lining up identical paintings like a triptych or varying the visuals for a less formal look!
And why not opt ​​for ourframed pictures or kakemonos to go even further in decorating your walls and bring originality to your interior?

A wall decoration in your image

For a chic and elegant effect, turn to the sobriety of our black and white paintings . Do you want to bring a touch of sparkle and pep to your walls? It is towards our luminous and colorful impressions that we will have to go. 
Modern paintings , landscape and nature, animals or even lovers of graphic lines with artistic inspirations, everything is possible with this element of wall decoration which will reveal your artistic soul and give your room a unique character.

For a more responsible decoration

To offer the best to your decoration, we have designed and produced all our paintings in our own studios! All our canvases are made in France , the wood comes from sustainably managed forests and the inks are ecological. Having a Pôdevache framed canvas means doing a double good deed: it enhances your home and it respects our planet!