Want to add an exceptional touch to your decor? Let yourself be tempted by our kakemonos !
Opt for a truly original wall decoration and choose the atmosphere you want to give to your interior.
Bring warmth, exoticism and majesty to your spaces, and refine your style with this selection from Pôdevache !

A kakemono, kezaco?

Meaning "suspended object", the kakemono is an emblematic figure of Japanese decoration. It consists
a painting made on canvas or on paper and a thin wooden stick that allows him, not only to stand up straight,
but also to roll up in it when the time comes to put it away. If today it is often used for advertising purposes,
at Pôdevache , the kakemono is above all a decorative element!

An original wall decoration

When they are nicely decorated, the walls alone have the art of transforming a space. To give soul to your home
and add a final touch to the atmosphere of your decor, don't miss the wall decoration and our kakemonos !
Elegant, their clean lines will dress your walls with charm and sophistication. Easy to hang and move,
a simple little nail and they will unfold according to your desires.

Bring nature into your cocoon

With a wide range of formats and decorations, kakemonos will transport you to a unique universe.
In a bedroom, an entrance, a living room... these hanging canvases will add dimension, depth
and above all warmth to your interior. And for an even more sophisticated look, lush vegetation and bewitching portraits
will elegantly match the velvet pieces of our ranges of furniture and linens .