For a chic and definitely trendy table, opt for the unique character of the table runner which will dress
your piece of furniture with charm and audacity. Used alone or to accessorize your tablecloth, we love this vinyl rectangle
which will give a great allure to the decoration of your table. Plain or patterned, find a whole range of proposals in the range
of Pôdevache vinyl table runners !

Create a harmonious decoration

Create a cozy and warm atmosphere during your meals by adopting the table runner ! If we thought it strictly reserved for weddings,
banquets and other ceremonies, today it is part of the trendy accessories of our daily life. Original object, classic,
timeless but now trendy, it can be placed directly on the table but can also add pep to your dressing
by covering a tablecloth a little tame. At Pôdevache, we like the table runner laid across the width
which will delimit the space of each guest and bring a resolutely trendy style to your table.

Table runner: the fancy chic touch

Say goodbye to our grannies' crochet table runner (which we love), and make way for vinyl! As stunning as it is practical,
it will protect your furniture in a sophisticated way. A small accident? A wipe down and everything is back to normal!
Do you want to stand out by creating an original and sharp decoration? So don't hesitate any longer by betting on
a stylish and quirky table runner with contrasting patterns! Coordinated with placemats , they will bring harmony
and warmth to your interior. How about placing your table runner on the coffee table in the living room? Your furniture will inspire
a chic and festive atmosphere and you will always be ready to receive your guests at tea time... or aperitif!