Transform your interior into a cozy and cozy nest thanks to our magnificent velvet curtains ! As beautiful to look at as they are pleasant to the touch, they are surfing on the trend of noble and comfortable materials and reinforce the chic side of your decoration. With a whole range of daring patterns of ethnic and graphic inspiration imagined by Pôdevache, create an enveloping atmosphere conducive to relaxation and escape.

A cocooning atmosphere with character

With their warm appearance and style in their own right, velvet eyelet curtains give depth to your interior. Well chosen, they will reflect an elegant and neat image of your living room. With dark tones that will bring out the originality of the patterns, they project you into a surprisingly sophisticated atmosphere.

Create your style

Do you want to add a glamorous touch to your interior? These curtains will be perfect for creating a subtle contrast with other lighter materials. But if, like at Pôdevache, you are a follower of the total look, do not hesitate to associate it with the velvet of a sofa , an armchair , multiplecushions ... Beige velvet curtains ? Black velvet curtains? Printed curtains? All styles are in the spotlight at Pôdevache!

Warm up your interior

As useful as they are aesthetic, velvet curtains protect you from prying eyes, they dress your windows or your doors, they hide your personal belongings but they also give structure to a room. As the final touch to sublimate your interior, the velvet curtain offers a soothing and reassuring sensation for a great feeling of comfort. Not only does it bring a style that you never tire of, but it will be an excellent bulwark against the sun's rays.