Do you think your decor could use a breath of fresh air?
That your interior lacks warmth and depth? Nothing like a beautiful carpet to meet all your desires!
Ideal for integrating into any situation, the vinyl rug will find its place in the kitchen as well as in the living room.
And to make it easier for you, Pôdevache has imagined an abundance of styles and patterns for its different collections!

Why opt for a vinyl carpet?

To rethink the decoration of your home, the rug appears as an ideal and essential accessory. that you want to transform
your living space into a modern and cozy place or bring a stylish and refined twist to your decor, the vinyl rug will do the trick
a place everywhere and with everything! Place it in the hallway or in the entrance and it will guide your guests.
On the kitchen or bathroom floor, it will carefully protect and brighten up your floor. In the bedroom of the grown-ups,
the carpet will be perfect as a bedside rug, and in that of the little ones, it will become their favorite playground!

A decorative rug for an interior to die for

As practical as it is aesthetic, the carpet will define your spaces and allow you to express your personality in a simple and effective way.
Round, rectangular, large, small, black and white, coloured, with authentic or graphic patterns, boho style, ethnic chic, vintage, rock, industrial,
the vinyl carpet is available in all forms and for all tastes. And with the different ranges of Pôdevache products ,
Put your guests in full view by matching your rug to your curtains , your coffee table or your sofa !
Combine it with one of our plaids and a slew of velvet cushions , and get ready to spend a winter in a cozy and spectacular cocoon!

What is the advantage of vinyl rugs for your kitchen?

Resistant and easy to maintain, the vinyl rug is the decorative touch that is both trendy and functional. No need to shake it,
a simple mop is enough to clean it! And since it does not retain dust, no more allergies! Versatile,
install it indoors or outdoors and it will protect your feet from cold and heat.
And as it is anti-UV treated, you can keep it for years!

Which form of vinyl rug should you choose for your kitchen?

Whether you have small or large spaces, our vinyl rugs adapt to your needs!
Available in 10 different sizes and in multiple colours, they will go just as well in your bedroom, in your kitchen or even in a hallway. For a kitchen, we recommend our vinyl rugs in 49.5x83cm, 66x99cm or 49.5x116cm format.

How to clean your vinyl kitchen rug?

Our vinyl mats are easy to wash! Their easy-to-clean material makes them essential for your interior (or exterior). A vacuum cleaner, broom or mop, it will resist everything!